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My name is Steve Lundquist and I am the manager at Storage Battery Systems for our central Wisconsin location located in Greenville WI. Storage Battery Systems is one of the largest battery specialist in the Midwest with 3 locations. Two in WI and one in IL.

I have been treating batteries with Battery De-Mister since 1999 and currently use it today which is March 1st 2013 so we have been using it now for 14 years. I have treated almost every type of non sealed lead acid battery there is from motorcycle batteries, to RV, Boat, Golf, Solar, Scrubber, Sweeper J-250’s, L-16’s all the way up to 8 thousand dollar forklift batteries and I’m here to tell you that Battery De-Mister works.

I can truly say that of all the different types of batteries that we have treated we have not had any warranty issues what so ever, but I must say that before we add Battery De-Mister to any battery we always check each cell to make sure we have a good battery to start with. As in all cases you always get a few new batteries here and there from the manufacture that have a weak cell. Battery De-Mister will not help this.

All the customers that buy are batteries treated with the De-Mister are very very satisfied. It cost them more per battery but the batteries last much longer, have much less maintenance, no warranty issues which in the end saves them a bunch of money. It also helps us to because although we might not sell as many batteries as we would if they were not treated with Battery De-Mister we don’t have to worry about losing that customer to one of are competitors and that is the bottom line for me.

I guess I can see why the battery manufactures do not use or endorse this product because they probably look at it that they would eventuality end up selling less batteries to there existing customers and the more batteries they sell the more money they make. That is there bottom line. For us it is keeping our customers and not losing them to are competitors. That is are bottom line.

Storage Battery Systems
Steve Lundquist
Website: https://www.sbsbattery.com