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mining-storageNovember 8, 2013

We are a large battery specialist that sell all types of batteries including Forklift batteries. We have been using Thermoil products since 1999 and continue to do so today. We have treated all types of non-sealed batteries with Thermoil including auto, farm, motorcycle, golf, solar, scissor lift, scrubber & sweeper, RV, Marine etc. I have to say this product is amazing.

All the treated batteries never have any corrosion, use a lot less water and last much longer. We have never had a warranty issue yet since we started using the product but the most amazing thing I have to say is the treated forklift batteries.

These forklift batteries cost thousands of dollars and always need to be maintained. They corrode much more than other batteries, use a lot more water, need acid adjustments every few years or so, cables need to be replaced often because of the corrosion and these batteries need to be pressure washed because the corrosion gets between the battery and the steel case.

We sell these forklift batteries and have the maintenance contact to service them at a major paper mill here in Wisconsin. This paper mill has a lot of forklifts and decided to treat some of them for a test.

Every two weeks we were there to water the batteries, clean corrosion about every 6 months and do acid adjustments every few years or so. Cables needed to be replaced at least once during the batteries lifetime. The batteries treated with Thermoil lasted on average 13 and one half years. Not only did the treated forklift batteries last longer than the non-treated ones but during this 13 and one half years the treated batteries only needed water every 3 months, never had any corrosion, never needed to be pressured washed or needed acid adjustments and never needed cables replaced.

The treated batteries charge faster, maintain voltage better, which leads to less problems with electrical components, electric motors etc because of the non-existence of corrosion and the elimination of acid loss.

If you have a forklift battery or use any 2-volt industrial cells in any equipment the small cost to install this product in my opinion is a no brainer. I can now see why the battery manufacturers do not want to endorse this product.

Steve Lundquist
Storage Battery Systems

I just wanted to thank you for offering Thermoil’s Battery De-Sulfater it saved me over $2000.00 that was quoted to replace my 650LBS 24 volt forklift battery. It is hard to believe that you just pour it in and you are done. My battery went from a 10% charge to 90% charge this stuff is amazing!

Thank you ThermOil!

Jay Longest
JC Liquidations


I called the main office they said that I could not give a testimonial. But, as I told you I have been using Thermoil in all our Pallet Jack batteries for the past 7 years, and before Thermoil I would change out batteries every 10-12 months, with Thermoil our batteries last 2 1/2 to 3 years!

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To Whom it may concern at Thermoil,

My name is Wayne Greer, and I am Production Mgr. in the printing plant for Graham Newspapers, Inc. in Graham, Texas. We have a battery operated fork lift and a battery operated clamp truck in our plant. Both batteries are 48 volt. The battery in the fork weighs approx. 2100 lbs. and the battery in the clamp truck weighs approx. 3200 lbs. I was wondering if you could give me an approximation of how much Thermoil it would take to adequately take care of these batteries. Also do you sell it in larger containers (such as five or ten gallon sizes) and if so the price of the larger size? I also own a 40 foot 5th wheel Nuway Hitch Hiker RV – 1994 model – which came with Thermoil batteries. I am a “”full-timer”” as the RV is my home. So the batteries see a lot of use. The original Thermoil batteries lasted me for several years. But, when the batteries went bad I replaced them about three years ago with deep cycle marine type batteries. And I have had to replace them about once a year since. You made a believer out of me with your batteries. I live on beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake near Graham, and do quite a bit of work as a sideline business on boats etc. I would like to put my customers on to Thermoil. Also I personally own several boats with batteries that I would like to convert. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


Wayne Greer

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