Battery Additives from ThermOil ~ Testimonial

I’m Felix Vargas from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. I have owned a repair shop since 2010. We repair Generators, Welders and do Battery Bank backup repair and maintenance for the solar market. The main problem with solar batteries is sulfation and water loss.

We have a few desulfater charging stations which work fine but we were looking for something to complement these charging stations. We starting buying and testing different De-Sulfater additives. The misinformation and no MSDS from most suppliers alerted me to not trust these kind of products claims so we had to test the additives first to see if they did what they claimed before I would refer these products to my customers.

In the summer of 2018 I found out about ThermOil products and contacted Terry. I had a ton of questions and Terry never surrendered. I was a little skeptical about never hearing about ThermOil and started searching for his legality USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and the products evidence.

I found that Thermoil was registered with the USPTO and has been in business since 1992. I then purchased some Battery De-Sulfater product and started doing my own experiments.  Some worked some failed but the ones that failed to bring the batteries back to life were due to the total misuse of the batteries being completely dead. Nothing could of brought these batteries back.

Now in 2020 after 2 years of testing this product and realizing that every battery cannot be rejuvenated I now have enough knowledge to offer this battery additive product Battery De-Sulfater and correctly diagnose my customer’s battery banks.

Since I have had so much success with Thermoil additives Battery De-Sulfater & Battery De-Mister the last 2 years I have expanded my market to include scissor lifts and other equipment that use deep cycle batteries. I’m working now with Equipment Rental companies offering my service using the ThermOil products.

My best promotion is a customer correctly knowing how to care for their batteries. I don’t offer miracles. I diagnose the bank condition. I explain why the battery banks are not functioning correctly and what they really need to do. I explain how they abuse their batteries and equipment and how to protect their investment.

Some of these customers never think (or the stores that sold batteries and solar equipment) that these batteries have a limited life and the warranties offered depend on the correct use and maintenance of the equipment. Lack of watering, corrosion and sulfation is the main reason for battery failure hence the reason from my service calls.

The customers who fail to water and clean corrosion I offer them the Battery De-Mister to solve this problem. The customers who fail to charge the batteries properly and get sulfation I offer them the Battery De-Sulfater to solve this problem.

I’m very impressed that these products are so easy to use and finally a product that really works. Thank you Thermoil.

Felix Vargas