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Battery De-Mister® with ThermOil® technology is a secret battery oil additive made of a combination of severely hydro-treated naphthenic base oils and hydrogenated polyalphaolefin synthetic oil coupled with an effective ash-less non-acidic rust inhibitor. Incorporated in the oil are an amine type anti-oxidant and an olefi n co-polymer type viscosity modifier. This unique base oil mix serves to eliminate polar sites, thus the oil has no inclination to attach itself to the plates of the battery thereby preventing the battery from premature failure during deep discharge cycles. Battery De-Mister has an indefinite shelf life.


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Calculation Formula

NOTE: If your specific battery type is not listed in the chart, use the instructions below to calculate the amount of Battery De-Mister® to add to each cell of the battery.

  1. Remove the vent tube cap from a cell, and make sure the electrolyte is up to the proper full level, or 1/8 inch below the bottom of the vent tube well. If level is low, add distilled water to raise the level, then charge the battery before proceeding.
  2. Insert a non-metallic object, such as a popsicle stick or the tube of a hydrometer, straight through the acid to check the depth of the electrolyte to the top of the plates.
  3. Remove the measuring device and place it alongside a ruler. Measure the length covered by the acid. Write this number down.
  4. Using a battery hydrometer, remove the electrolyte from one of the cells down to the top of the plates, placing extracted electrolyte into a glass or plastic measuring container. (DO NOT USE A METAL CONTAINER.) Measure how many ounces of fluid you have removed from the cell. Write this number down.
  5. Divide the number of ounces removed by the depth of the electrolyte in inches to calculate ounces per inch. Divide this number by two (2) to determine how many ounces of Battery De-Mister® will need to be added per cell.