Aerial Platforms Ltd purchased a bulk order of Thermoil Battery De-Mister in June 2009 and immediately treated our entire fleet of Aerial Work Platforms. Our hope was to reduce water consumption and avoid battery corrosion problems. We have been amazed with the results as we have not had to add water to a single battery on any of our machines since adding the Thermoil, in addition we have had no form of corrosion on the batteries, cables or surrounding components and have noticed a faster recharge rate on all our DC electric Scissor and Boom machines. We have also purchased the Thermoil Battery De-Sulfater product and used it successfully to recover batteries that we would have otherwise replaced as being dead! Thermoil products have help us maintain outstanding reliability within our fleet and reduce maintenance costs.

We now use Thermoil products as part of our standard operational practice and would be happy to recommend their use to others.

Mr Jason Seddon
Managing Director
Aerial Platforms Ltd