2016 Feb 10 & 11 in San Diego, California
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That lead-acid battery powering your golf car doesn’t want you to make money. Maintaining that sucker is a time-consuming service that costs you money, and makes you none.

But ThermOil®’s Battery De-Mister® is guaranteed to increase battery life, reduce charge time, eliminate corrosion
and greatly reduce water consumption, toxic fumes and the risk of explosion. ThermOil’s Battery De-Sulfater rejuvenates sulfated batteries and both products are 100% guaranteed. Don’t believe what your battery supplier tells you about are products, take the treat half your batteries challenge to see for yourself. Watch the Irrefutable Proof Video

Uptime is where you make your money, downtime is where you lose your money. With Battery De-Mister and Battery De-Sulfater from ThermOil, more uptime, less downtime, and more profit is exactly what you’ll get.

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