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That lead-acid battery powering your golf car doesn’t want you to make money. Maintaining that sucker is a time-consuming service that costs you money, and makes you none.

But ThermOil®’s Battery De-Mister® is guaranteed to increase battery life, reduce charge time, eliminate corrosion
and greatly reduce water consumption, toxic fumes and the risk of explosion. ThermOil’s Battery De-Sulfater rejuvenates sulfated batteries and both products are 100% guaranteed. Don’t believe what your battery supplier tells you about are products, take the treat half your batteries challenge to see for yourself. Watch the Irrefutable Proof Video

Uptime is where you make your money, downtime is where you lose your money. With Battery De-Mister and Battery De-Sulfater from ThermOil, more uptime, less downtime, and more profit is exactly what you’ll get.

Battery De-Mister LLC.
Div of Thermoil Inc. Appleton, WI 54914
Tel (920) 749-9712 Fax (920) 749-9719

ThermOil Signs Nifty Lift PTY LTD as a distributor



OCTOBER 27, 2015 APPLETON, WI. – Terry Fellner, President of Thermoil Inc announced today they have come to an agreement that Nifty Lift Australia will be the exclusive distributor for Battery De-Mister & Battery De-Sulfater for the lift and heavy equipment industry for all of Australia.

“We are extremely pleased and excited to be partnered with Nifty Pty Ltd,” said Terry Fellner. Nifty is recognized in Australia for its history of introducing cutting-edge technology for the lift industry including Trailer Mounted, Self Propelled, Self Drive, Track Drive and Static Base Lifts. “The Resources of Nifty Lift Pty make them the ideal partner to help us to continue our growth overseas,” said Terry Fellner.

“We first started using Battery De-Mister in our aerial lifts in 2009. After testing and using Thermoil products in our machines now for 6 years, we are convinced these are the best battery additive products in the world,” said Gareth Williams formally part of Niftylift in the UK and now service manager for Nifty Lift Pty Australia.

“Battery De-Mister substantially increases our batteries life, greatly reduces our water consumption and eliminates all corrosion on batteries, battery cables and all surrounding equipment like switches, relays, etc. This has greatly reduced our maintenance and battery expense thus saving us a ton of money. Battery De-Mister does everything it claims,” said Gareth Williams. “We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for the lift and heavy equipment industry for Australia.”


Thermoil Inc has been in business since 1992.  We have manufactured and market two battery maintenance products Battery De-Mister & Battery De-Sulfater.

Thermoil’s goal is to maximize battery life, minimize maintenance and increase safety while helping to reduce hazardous material disposal rates therefore helping the environment.

For more information contact tfellner@thermoil.com   |   Tel: 920-749-9712   |  www.thermoil.com

IPS Appointed Thermoil Distributor and Launches New Battery Range

ThermOil De-Mister helps to increase battery life

IPS, the leading independent provider of replacement parts for powered access equipment, is adding more power to its batteries offering.

ThermOil Inc has appointed IPS as the exclusive UK distributor for its Battery De-Mister and Battery De-Sulfater products. These non-hazardous additives help optimise the performance and prolong the life of lead acid batteries used in access platforms.

Terry Fellner, President of ThermOil Inc said: “IPS has a huge amount of experience in supplying replacement parts and is highly regarded in the aerial lift industry. We believe IPS is therefore the right partner to take ThermOil forward and continue our penetration of the UK market.”

IPS is also launching its own Power Series of 6V deep cycle traction batteries for aerial lifts. Compatible with all leading powered access brands, these pure lead batteries come with a two year warranty. The initial Power range features five batteries ranging from 220Ah to 380Ah.

Kevin Shadbolt, Operations Director of IAPS Group, which owns IPS, said: “We are delighted to be taking on the UK distributorship of ThermOil products, which help access equipment owners to save money by making traction batteries last longer.

thermoil-power“And when the batteries finally do need replacing, our new Power Series represents excellent value for money, offering higher amp hour ratings at a significantly lower cost to other leading battery brands.”

IPS has more than a decade of experience in supplying replacement parts and is the official UK parts distributor for a number of manufacturers including Genie, Hinowa, Omme Lift, Isoli, Youngman BoSS, Grove Manlift, Manitou, Pop-Up and MEC. It also offers a wide range of after-market parts for lesser-known brands and obsolete machines, sourced directly from the component manufacturers. Its team of experienced access parts specialists, coupled with a sophisticated parts database, ensure IPS provides a high level of technical support to customers.

The ThermOil products and Power Series batteries are available to order online from the new IPS webshop. IPS will exhibit both the Power Series batteries and ThermOil products at Vertikal Days 2015, or for further information visit the new parts website, www.ipspartsonline.com.

ThermOil Battery De-Sulfater Testimonial

ThermOil Battery De-Sulfater Testimonial

Hi Terry,

Regarding your ThermOil Battery De-Sulfater.

We have recently used the Battery De-Sulfater that you have sent me and the results were rather very impressive. We have learnt that it is very important to understand the chemistry of batteries to ensure the best results. Below is a detail chart on the experiments we have done as well as some results on starting batteries. We were using 20ml (20cc) per cell (or .67 oz) for starting batteries up and until about 55ah – 60ah. Meaning 120ml (120cc) (or 4 oz) per battery. Then 30ml (30cc) per cell (or 1 oz) for starting batteries from 60ah – 100ah Meaning 180ml (180cc) (or 6 oz) per battery.

For truck (not sure what you guys calls it, maybe “Lorries” or “Haulers” ?) batteries We were using 40ml (40cc) (or 1.35 oz) per cell for starting batteries between 120ah – 180ah. Meaning 240ml (240cc) (or 8.1 oz) per battery.  We do keep data sheets (job cards) for each battery as part of our quality control process. This is often used for our own internal research and for quality control. . .  What is common and strange is that once we’ve added your product to the batteries after topping it up with water etc. We noticed that the CCA would increase by about 5% ~ 7%. Not a lot I guess, but bare in mind this is before charging the batteries. This happens with in about 5min! Also about 12hours later, the black sulphated sulphuric acid (battery water) from the sulphated batteries would become clear!  We have noticed that the CCA of the batteries would naturally increase between 30% to about 50%. The voltage float would remain constantly at 12,8 volts. This happens about 5 days after the batteries have been charged.

Further on vehicles we fit batteries for testing and experimental purposes, when we took readings on Monday afternoon on two vehicles that has Battery De-Sulfater in it, we’ve noticed that the CCA has been fully restored to what it was according to factory specs when the battery originally came of the factory line. The voltage float stands currently at 13volts after the vehicle’s engine has been switched off for at least 12hours.

I am really very impressed and think that you are blessed with an amazing product. Well done on ThermOil’s Battery De-Sulfater. My God blessed you with lots of success.gogreen

My wish is that companies (like yours and mine) would make a great impact to combat global warming as we reduce the carbon foot print of battery manufacturing. Recondition or extending the life of a battery (for at least one more life cycle) will make a great impact to do our bit to help reduce global warming.

Yours truly
Hamzah Verster

If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it over?

+2782-580-5455 | +2712-370-3435 | ECO-RECON (Skype) | hamzah@ecorecon.co.za | www.ecorecon.co.za | @EC0_RECON_Batt 261 Willem Erasmus str, Erasmia, Centurion, Gauteng, South-Africa.

The Golf Course Trades Magazine ~ ThermOil ~ Company Spotlight

More Uptime. Less Downtime.  More Profit.

Reprint from Augusut 2014 The Golf Course Trades Magazine ~ www.golfcoursetrades.com

That lead-acid battery powering your golf car doesn’t want you to make money. Cleaning corrosion, adding water-even scrapping dead batteries and buying replacements. Golf course managers and maintenance departments fight every day to keep their fleets up and running and generating income. Maintaining that fleet is a time- consuming service that costs you money and makes you none.

But now you can solve that problem with ThermOil Products Battery De-Mister & Battery De-Sulfater. Thermoil has been treating batteries since 1992 and both of there products are 100% Guaranteed!

Thermoil Battery De-Mister is a one-of-a-kind, patented battery oil that took Kendal Oil Company and New Castle Battery Mfg. Company’s top engineers almost three years to develop and is guaranteed to work every time in any non-sealed lead-acid battery, said Thermoil Inc. president Terry Fellner.

By eliminating corrosion and keeping the chemistry of the electrolyte the same, your battery can now enjoy it’s full life which in many cases is double that of the same battery without De-Mister.

You will reduce water consumption an average of 5 to 7 times, although I have often seen reductions of up to 10 times, and significantly reduce sulfation, toxic fumes and the risk of explosion.

The inside of a battery consists of lead plates sitting in an electrolyte solution. When a battery is charged, it activates a chemical process that breaks down the elements of the electrolyte and forms an acidic mist that leaks out the
top of the battery caps and onto surrounding equipment. This mist is corrosive and over time can ruin both the battery and surrounding mechanical parts. Each time the battery is charged, the problem worsens.

This patented oil (Battery De-Mister) is lighter than acid and water, so it will always float on top of the electrolyte. The result is that during the charging process the bubbles that would otherwise break violently on the surface of the electrolyte and carry out the damaging mist now hit this layer of oil and rise slowly to the surface, where they will break harmlessly.

With virtually no mist and much less gassing, you now eliminate corrosion on the battery cover, posts and cables, as well as all electrical and mechanical components around the battery. In addition, the chemistry of the electrolyte remains the same so now the battery can perform as it was intended to.

The company’s web site contains several videos showing how to treat your battery, how the product works and a demonstration of the product at work.

Fellner says watch the Irrefutable Proof video. He said that your battery supplier is going to tell you that they tested it and it does not work or that it is snake oil, that it voids your warranty etc. but Fellner stated just add the product to half of your batteries and watch what happens.

You got a golf cart that has 8 batteries then just add it to 4 of them, if it has 6 batteries then add it to 3 of them etc. This test is irrefutable because your batteries will have identical make, age, size and are subjected to the same charge & discharge conditions you will soon see how ThermOil® products stack up.

Fellner says battery suppliers do not want you to do this test knowing that the treated

batteries will out-perform the non-treated batteries. Additionally, healthy non-sulfated and corrosion free batteries treated with ThermOil® products have more consistent voltage- which means fewer replacement parts in any carts, equipment or machines (e.g. relays, switches, control boards, electric motors etc.)

Fellner says go to the web site and click on the icon that says about Thermoil. After reading about Thermoil’s history you will completely understand why the battery companies do not want to work with us. Also read the testimonials under golf.

They also have a video on there companion product Battery De-Sulfater. If you have sulfation problems then Battery De-Sulfater is for you Fellner said. Both products are available in 12-ounce bottles and come with a 100 percent Guarantee. Visit www.thermoil.com or call 800-221-5351 for more information.